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Grab attention and boost your delivery sales with an industry leader in Channel Stand Advertising.

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Targeted to Your Needs

Our Stands grab the attention of hungry travelers. Hotels provide a constantly refreshing customer base, meaning more eyes on your ads and more calls for delivery. Each stand is customized to serve both the advertiser's and the hotel's needs.


The Catch-All Solution

As channel selections grow, so does the need for a channel guide. But our stands are more than channels, we also include all your desired amenity information, giving guests a one-stop place for all their need to know info. A hotel room feels empty without our stands!


Fulfilling Service

We service our stands with in-person visits to our hotels to ensure proper placement and up-to-date information, with remote service always available in between visits. Keeping stands up to date keeps stands in the rooms. Stands in the rooms keeps guests happy!


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